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Guy Wire Fittings

Guy Wire fittings are mainly used to fix guy wire of the tower, including all parts from tower’s arm to ground guy wires. WINNING® supplies superior quality guy wire fittings to confirm stable and safe operation.

Scope (Drawings are listed in the catalogue, please go to DOWNLOAD.)

1-NLY Strain Clamp (Compression Joint, adjustable type)

2-NX Type Wedge Clamp

3-Wedge Clamp (NUT type: adjustable and NU type: non-adjustable)

4-Wedge type Deadend Clamp

5-Shackle (UL type)

6-Steel Wire Clip (JK type)

7-Yoke Plate for Double Guy Wire (LV type)

8-Strap (PD type)

9-Thimble Clevis

10-Anchor Rod

11-Turnbuckle (Round type)

12-Turnbuckle (Channel Clevis type, U type)

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